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I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the excellent training last week. I learned a great deal, and while I may have been pessimistic at the beginning, you really turned me into an optimist from the skills you trained all of us on.

I have been to many training classes and I can say with all honesty that not only was this the best (pause) it motivated me to pass along many of the skills to my managers.

In closing; thank you very much for everything and for the change you have made in myself going forward.

With great respect,
—Craig Symoss

Dr. Patin,
I want to thank you for the gift that you gave me this week. All these years and several other presentation classes, I have been content to run with the other dogs in the pack. Your class, your "message," and not the words, woke me up to the importance of being the "lead dog." If I am not the lead dog then the view will never change. Already I have begun prep work today for a presentation on August 24. I would have not started so early if it was not for your message. Thank you.
—Jim Anderson

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you again for the insight and help!

I use the information and framework every day. It is all about continuous improvement. Really have been focused on the message and words and the Rule of Three—helps me and the team.

Back to protecting your investment in MillerCoors!!
Thanks and keep in touch,
—Ken Ronnfeldt

I greatly appreciated our time together and feel much better about my organizational process moving forward, which will give me more hours in the week. It's as though a weight was lifted off my shoulders as we filed everything away. My first week in the new office has been great and I will continue to work the new set-up to my advantage, but I still have plenty of filing work to do over the holidays. Feel free to forward your re-cap to Thom and I'll follow-up with him on the expenses.

Thanks again for taking the time to work with me. Please send me over any recommended books you may have.

Be well,
—Steve Ledbetter

Thank you for the last few days in Phoenix. I appreciate your guidance and look forward to applying these systems/practices into my professional career. It is easy to see why Thom/Ed call you their mentor. Again, I truly appreciate the time spent and look forward to learning from you and working with you in the future. Safe travels!

—Joe Curtis

I received your note and the DVDs last week and just wanted to say thank you for the coaching and advice. It's the best professional training I've gone through in my career. I'm happy to report that I have already put my new-found skills and techniques to use in a big presentation.... I built in an opening (OSU vs Michigan scenario), Q & A, and sprinkled in some pauses in-between. It worked like a charm.

All the best,
—Patrick Kirk
   Buffalo Wild Wings

Hi Forrest,
FYI the presentation went great and practicing out loud is the best way to feel more confident about less words on the table. Thanks!

—Leigha Cornett

I cannot thank you enough for the time that we spent together several weeks ago. It was a productive two days and something that I consider a gift. Since we met, Thom has published our markets and in addition to Atlanta, I will be responsible for five markets. While this would have seemed daunting and unmanageable before, after our time together, I know that I can be successful.

Thank you for all of the knowledge and perspective and I look forward to our continuing conversations over the year. When you have the time, can you please forward the list of books that you sent to Joe and the new Book of Knowledge index?

Thanks again,
—Julie Walker

Just wanted to say thank you for a very enlightening two days. Looking forward to utilizing my new skill set for upcoming presentations and meetings.

Attached v1 and v2 of my Strengthfinders presentation—what a difference!

Hope you enjoyed golf!
—Leigha Cornett

I wanted to say Thank You for all the help you gave me during training this week. This was a great training and it is one of the most important skills that I want to continue improving.

I hope to see you soon in Reno.

Have a great weekend,
—Saulo López
   Hispanic Sales Manager
   Central CA-Northern NV

Great session for our key management: interactive, learning, positive reinforcement, intra team experience and delivered in a "coaching" not "telling" manner. Yes...the Forrest we can always count on.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
—Dick Barkett
   COO, The Odom Corporation
   EVP, Odom Southern Holdings  
   Southern Odom Spirits West

Hi Forrest, (direct eye contact here for 5 seconds)
Hope you are doing well.

Wanted to update you on my first voyage out with the new presentation skills (pause 3 seconds here).

Presented at a beer dinner event last week at the Intercontinental Atlanta.

30 attendees. The mingle portion of the event uncovered internal Intercontinental office people were there, guests from the Mexican consulate + average guests.

Long story short:
• Practiced in a mirror beforehand,
• Used my presentation skills throughout,
• Ran a short Q & A session at the end.

The result was 3 compliments from the crowd including one from a Mexican Consulate attendee, one from the admin to my buyer at IHG and one from an average person.

Thank you again for the time you took with we wolves to mold us into better presenters. Truly appreciate it.

Take care and look forward to seeing you again soon.

—Donna J. Carpenter

Another great job, as usual.
I will put his through for payment.
Please also expend our thanks for Jack for his participation.

Let's stay in touch regarding other trainings.
See you in April.

—Hank Schlapp
   Odom Corp Logo

Words can't describe the "GIFT" I received from you this past week. As I traveled back to my home state of Ohio I couldn't help but get emotional over what just happened to me these last couple of days. Not only did you make me feel like the guy in the chair from the old Bose Stereo ads (blown away) you pulled my flippin heart out of my chest and snapped it back. Wow! I had to look away from people on the flight back as I was fighting back tears. Tears not of sorrow but of joy at the "Gift" I received. I have begged for a communications class that would give me the proper fundamentals of public speaking. Talk about over delivering!! The "Gift" you gave me and the others this past week is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It is up to me now to take this unbelievable "Gift" and build on it. Practice, practice, practice. Learn, practice, add and develop. Additionally, the camera doesn't lie I have to get after it. I look like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. I now understand why Paul Hanson was pointing at his note cards as if he was going to bore a hole to China in order to compose himself. You have that effect on people. If you can laugh, if you can cry, and if you can think, that is a full day. You made me do all three. Thanks.
—S. Decker, MillerCoors

Hi Forrest—
I just received my DVD of the training session and WOW! WOW because I amazed myself at just how fast I could talk!

Really, I was wowed because I learned so much about myself personally and professionally over those few days. Seeing the DVD was difficult but definitely gave me the desire to push myself.

I appreciate your time and dedication to making us better. Your passion for what you do is apparent and inspiring for me to showcase the passion I have for marketing in a way that better connects my work to my audience. Since the training I have had several presentations in front of audiences ranging from 10-60 people. While I am not at the rate of speed I would like, I see and have gotten feedback on improvement in this area. I have also been using the Q&A Techniques, which have helped me slow down a lot during that part of the presentation! Overall I think I am learning to be more comfortable with myself in front of people and for me that is really the key.

Thank you for everything and I do hope I can reach out to you in the future for assistance, thoughts and even feedback.

This has truly been an inspiring experience for me.

Thank you!
—R. Patel, Brand Manager, Coors Light

I apologize for the delay! I wanted to personally thank you for your help in Austin. You really can work and rally a room. The team responds to you, respects you and enjoys you! We are lucky to have you as a partner.

Thanks again!!
—M. Ruberry, VP-HR, The Parking Spot

Dr. Forrest Patin,
Thank you very much for taking the time to coach all of us on creating powerful business presentations. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and the manner in which it was delivered. Typically I would tend to tense up in front of a camera but your coaching techniques helped me to breath from the diaphragm (most of the tie) and concentrate on what it was that I needed to work on.

Mr. Sherman is a firm believer in this course. I am glad that he sent the four of us to have an intimate training session. I intend to apply what I learned by following my plan of action.

Good luck on your continued adventures overseas.

—S. Kelly, Pacific Region, Chain Account Executive, MillerCoors

Dr. Patin
Wanted to say thanks again for I what I believe to have been a great class! FYI, if you do not remember, I was in the class back in late April.... it has all ready helped me in all of my "summer kick off" meetings so far this past spring and into this summer...and per your "notes," I have learned to put the Blackberry down!...I hope that you thought I was a good student and improved as the class progressed for I sure do believe just that!
—W. Williams III, Distributor Sales Manager, MillerCoors

First of all, it was great seeing you in Chicago this past week. It had been about seven years since I attended a training course with you and you brought back many memories. The passion, knowledge and experience that you shared with the group. I have always been a self starter but after being around you a couple of days, I am even more focused and driven to win and continue to grow at MillerCoors.

I really believe that we had two very productive days not only in the classroom but spending some quality time with dinner and over a beer. Sharing some stories about each employee really gave me an opportunity to get to know some of my teammates a little better. I know that I will be applying some of the learnings that I gained this past week to become a more productive/efficient employee and a more attentive spouse/parent.

Again, I want tot thank you for the experience and knowledge that you shared with all of us this past week.

When you are in NYC, don't hesitate to reach out.

—J. Capone, MillerCoors

Thank you for a very invigorating day! I enjoyed today's sessions on time management and The Oz Principle and am anxious to put my learnings into practice.

Enjoy your weekend!
—B. Borkosky, Beer Merchant, National Account Executive, MillerCoors

Hi Forrest,
Thanks again for a great 2-1/2 days!!!

It was incredibly important for me to take the time out of my schedule to work on my personal presentation for both professional and personal reasons. Thanks for all you do for MillerCoors!!

I hope to see you again soon.
—J. Van Wagoner, MillerCoors

Dear Forrest,
I just wanted to send you this quick note of "Thanks" for your expertise in Presenting Presentations. The class last week was very worthwhile for me and knowing how to present in front of a large audience, with confidence, are skills that will last a lifetime. I will focus on slowing down, using eye contact, and the 3-5 second pause! Hope all of your travels are safe. Thank you again.
—A. Bruno

Thank you very much for a great training this week. Really enjoyed it.
—J. Tierney, Red Bull

I enjoyed meeting you and your lessons/teaching this week...very helpful on many fronts...yes, I stopped for flowers on the way into town and we had a great date night at a swanky restaurant last night...hope your flight was uneventful and we'll be in touch. I definitely want to spend more QT with you practicing and getting feedback in CY10, given that we were shortchanged a bit by my scheduling interruptions this week...all the best,
—R. Lipari, VP Customer Solutions, MillerCoors

I wanted to take a moment to personally Thank You for all your advice/feedback at our Presentation Skills Class (Oct 20-22).

In my seven years with Miller/MillerCoors I've taken many classes to help "mold" my business skills. In the three days with you I've learned more than how to be a better presenter, I've learned how to be a better/more effective person. You've given me a sense of enlightenment I needed personally and professionally.

I look forward to the next opportunity to participate in one of your classes!
Enjoy the Duck Tape.
Thanks again,
—C. Sweeney

Thank you so much for your time and guidance. It was not easy, but I learned so much and feel like I have the tools now to improve. I'm so grateful for your patience.
Best regards,
—H. Barnum

Thank you Forrest!
I really appreciate everything you have done for us. Just wanted to let you know that on our MU conference call, it is my responsibility to present a brand every other week. Although this is not your typical "presentation," I still get nervous when I have to speak to 30+ people over the phone. Today, I took 5 deep breaths before the call and slowed down while talking and I can't tell you what a huge difference it made on my nerves and on how I was speaking on the call!! It was SOOO much easier ;)

Anyways, take care and I hope to see you soon.
—M. Ponce De Leon, On Premise Specialist, Beer Merchant, MillerCoors

Thank you for your knowledge, your coaching, and your mentoring.... I look forward to working with you to further develop my presentation skills in the future.

Thank you for your individuality.... I learned from each of you.

Have a great remainder of the week!!
—R. Perez, National Chain Account Executive, MillerCoors

I wanted to thank you for your help with my presentation last week, it was a great opportunity to receive some additional coaching and build on the training I received in April. I am sure I will be taking you up on your offer to help with future presentations at some point also.
—D. Currie, Distributor Sales Manager, MillerCoors

I just wanted to let you know that one of my distributor partners came up to e after a summer kick off sales meeting on Monday, and said how Powerful they thought it was when I turned the screen on the computer off.... I have to say, the B Key is my friend.... Not sure I had enough pauses, but I did open with a quote and review several sections in the binder. I am not saying this to "win" any points, but this is the first time I that I have ever taken a class, and later used the material/binder/techniques in a real-life situation.

I hope you are doing well, and I look forward to having a Cold one with you in Minocqua in July.
—L. Webb, Marketing Manager - Milwaukee, MillerCoors

Dr. Patin,
I wanted to reach out and again thank you for this past week in Austin. Reflecting back on the week makes me realize just how challenged and stretched I was. The long term benefits of the week will be with me my entire career, whichever path it takes.

Safe travels to the Windy City this week. Your picture I won during the week are already up on the wall.

—M. Rossi, Chain Account Executive, 7-Eleven Team, MillerCoors

Wanted to pass along my thanks to you and let you know the work that you did with the Field Marketing Team is paying dividends. I am not sure if you have had any follow up interaction with the FMM's but I have witnessed, heard feedback from the Team and their GM's on the improvements.
• The story line
• The use of appropriate quotes
• Active listening

And yes.... the "B" key are all in practice with the result of better management.

It's pretty motivating to me to see and feel the step forward.

Take care!
—M. Antonczyk, Field Marketing Director-Great Lakes, MillerCoors

Hi Forrest,
Jut wanted to thank you again for your support over the weekend to help me prepare for the presentation. It went pretty well. I give myself a 7/8 (on a scale of 10). I made an extra effort to keep my energy level up and have eye-contact throughout. I think my opening went well—I didn't feel too much nervousness, which helped a great deal. I had some pauses (probably not enough or not long enough). I caught myself with the broken arm syndrome a few times, and my close didn't come off as forceful as I had planned, probably due to the fact that the RVP of the Central Region was challenging me at the end on one of the topics.

I got a little feedback from Mr. Witherall, our Sr. VP-Walmart Inc., who was there. He said I represented the Walmart team well and will give me more detailed feedback soon. Few pieces of feedback he did give me was 1) "When a RVP says something, no matter what it is, you should always agree and go with it." I didn't quite do this and tried to give him the "real-world Walmart" answer. 2) He felt the information could have been rearranged a little better to make it easier to follow (I agree, had a hard time figuring out a good transition for the last two topics). 3) He really liked some of my stories and analogies, which as you said, brought out my personality. Mr. Bosworth also gave me very positive feedback and felt I got the message across effectively to the group.

Thanks again, Forrest—you're a great help!
—J. Kern, MillerCoors

Hi Forrest,
A sincere thank you for the course, the timing was impeccable and paid immediate dividends as I presented today to my finance counterpart and two Senior Finance Director, one of whom provided feedback below.

While I did well in the presentation, my improvement areas called out by you did manifest themselves, namely injecting more of myself and my personality into my presentation, and making them more conversational. Your course really made me aware of the need to carefully consider the audience and setting, and tailor the delivery accordingly. I now know what good looks like, I just need to put this into practice!

Thank you
—D. Fleming, MillerCoors

I wanted to take a second and thank you again for the great class last week in Milwaukee. I am looking forward to putting into practice all of he techniques and learnings from the class. It is amazing what a few simple pauses, or vocal variations can do to emphasize a point. It was just a fantastic two days of learning, growing, and of course fun.

Thanks again,
—J. Miller, Distributor Sales Manager, MillerCoors

Dr. Patin—
I wanted to take this opportunity to personally THANK YOU for the presentation workshop that you led the last two days here in the Chicago market.

In my (almost) 11 years at Red Bull, this is by far one of the top programs that I've had the privilege of attending. You know it's got to be good when my colleagues were talking about it this morning about how awesome it was and how we're all going to be ready for Grand Rapids. To give you an idea of the energy around this program, Mr. Lopez called me last night, about 7:30 PM, just to tell me how "fired up" he was about this workshop and to say Thank You for bringing it to the Team.

I'm excited about the learnings and the opportunity to put them to use, and I was even more serious about the fact that we, as a MWBU Team, will work toward becoming the gold standard when it comes to presenting.

Thanks again and I look forward to staying in touch!
—S. Madrid, Red Bull North America



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