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Selling Series


“Executive Sales-Coaching is a three-day program, designed primarily for executives who have frequent interactions with buyers, senior management, retailers and distributors. Attendees will learn how to use coaching techniques within the Selling Process. This seminar has customized problem-solving features for each attendee to be videotaped in class and discussed by the group.

The course deals with Confronting, Providing Feedback, Time Management, How
to properly use Questions in Selling and Coaching a customer, Overcoming Objections, Closes and Customer Follow-Up complete the course material. Each chapter has pre-work designed to drive home the learning points. In addition, group discussions or role-plays are used as teaching tools.

This seminar blends selling skills with coaching skills to give the individual the best of both processes. This seminar links best practices for the following topics: Time Management, Business Feedback, using types of Sales Closes, how to use Questions in the sales process and Customer Follow-Up.

We also incorporate sharing each attendee’s personal experiences and business acumen for each subject. In addition, more than 200 pages of reference material are included to help each attendee learn new information about each topic. The last part of this seminar deals with Confronting & Overcoming Objections. Normally, the person requesting the seminar will develop the issue to be confronted and the issues to be overcome within the classroom.

I. To clearly understand how to proactively Confront customers and to achieve
win-win solutions.

2. How to effectively deal with the art of Time Management. A discussion and review of the positive elements of proper Time Management are taught and each person has to evaluate their own systems for its strengths and weaknesses.

3. Teach the many uses of Questions in the sales-coaching process and how the
more than thirty different styles of Questions can help in sales calls or while having interactions with management or customers.

4. Review and build a complete understanding of how to Overcome Objections. Use proven concepts to clarify the objection and then frame the objection into a question and create dialogue from it and to be able to sell back to the customer who had the original objection.

5. Review the value of strong Customer Follow-Up systems and their importance to the organization.

This course is designed to have pre-work in each of the seven chapters for the attendee to either self-discover new methods or review what they feel are their best practices. The course is 25 percent lecture and 75 percent participant involvement. There will be videotaping of some of the pre-work assignments but this will vary by class size and company needs.

1. Evaluate Time Management strengths and weaknesses.

2. Review how to properly use Questions in the selling process.

3. Increase the understanding of Confronting retailers and managers.

4. How to give Feedback without getting resentment.

5. Create a complete understanding of sales Objections and how to deal with them and how to overcome them.

6. Review the many types of Closes and how to pick the right close for the many different types of Closes available to us in each selling call.

7. Develop a complete Customer Follow-Up system that is reviewed each year and updated so that business is increased not maintained.

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Dr. Forrest Patin

Cell: 925-699-7300