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Selling Series

The Complete Selling Process

"The Complete Selling Process" is a two-day training seminar, designed primarily
for sales representatives, sales managers, merchandising managers, customer
service managers and superintendents. The course reviews time management,
priority accounts, prospecting, openings, qualifications, handling objections,
closing, how to use questions and customer information. The course is 90 percent
participation and 10 percent lecture. The doing makes this course very interactive.

The majority of sales people are extremely talented in one or two phases of the
selling process. This seminar allows for sales personnel to discover the linkage
between the traditional opening, body and close of each presentation but, just as
important, the needs for strong time management and priority accounts as well as
customer follow-up. All the processes are linked and important to competing in
the new century. Forms and examples are furnished for real-world use throughout the course.

1. To be able to assess their current time management system and to challenge
its strengths and weaknesses. Each associate will push to develop a better
time management system than they currently use by having a round table
exercise aimed at building greater awareness for time management.

2. To establish priority management goals for their current job functions.
To discuss common selection criteria for the development of a priority
management system. Develop goal setting as a tool for increasing personal
productivity in the sales process.

3. To learn the art of prospecting and how to use this important key to sales
success. Prospecting includes how to prospect, what is a prospect, when do
you prospect, and whom should you prospect under normal circumstances.

4. How to make professional openings. During this section, the main goal is to
get the prospect to relax and remove all fear about your meeting. This section
also deals with organizing the sales presentation.

5. Teach all attendees how to use key qualifying steps in the sales process.
Review and study the decision step process on qualifying. Learn about
problem solving versus opportunity seeking while assessing the situation and
establishing goals.

6. Discuss and practice techniques for Overcoming Objections in the most
professional way possible. Discuss tension management and steps to handle
objections. Understanding of words that can really change the meaning of
rejection words and how to replace them with go-ahead terms.

7. Review the art of closing techniques. Test closes are learned and fourteen
different closes are used in exercises to make all attendees feel comfortable
with these new types of closes.

8. How to use questions in the selling process is fully discussed and used in
participants actual selling presentations. More than seven pages of questions are
reviewed and used in further exercises dealing with real world business

9. A complete study of customer follow-up is developed to review each
attendee's past practices and to share five strategies for account development.
Thirteen ways to assure customer satisfaction are reviewed and a discussion is
held to discuss each of the methods and to draw on current practices where
these new concepts can be applied.


The course is very heavy into participation from the class. Group discussions are held on key or new topics. There is one-on-one selling with critique by individuals along with the instructor. Videotape can be used for analysis of each person's selling style; however, this will reduce the number of presentations the group can complete by 33 percent.

The overall objectives are realized through actual selling sessions, lecture and group review and feedback. The participants will have multiple opportunities to practice developing their skills, normally five to seven practice sessions in a
two-day class.

1. Evaluate selling skills strengths and weaknesses
2. Review time management process as a valuable resource
3. Discuss how to establish priorities on accounts in a given territory or project
4. Review your corporate sales pre-planner/account customer profile
5. How to prospect and how to develop skills to ensure success in prospecting
6. How to create a selling system and developing qualifying steps
7. Keys to overcoming objections
8. Developing closing techniques
9. How to effectively use questions as an asset in selling
10. Strategies for account development

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Dr. Forrest Patin

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