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Leadership Series

Executive Leadership Principles

This three-day course takes each attendee through thirteen major Leadership principles needed to develop his/her Executive Leadership Principles skills. The course design allows both experienced managers and inexperienced managers to profit from the group dynamics created for each section. Each major section of
the workbook will be discussed in detail and each person will establish his/her key learning for his/her action plan. This course puts heavy emphasis on the reality of Business Leadership Principles from actual work experience not just from business books or business articles. Each person will be made aware of his/her strengths
and opportunities for growth within each of the sections of the workbook.

This course will teach each person the key Executive Leadership Principles necessary to increase his/her overall leadership skills. The process used in this course will teach sustainable business learning. The course will open up concepts and new learning to each individual regardless of his/her experience level. The course facilitator developed and used this topic as his Ph.D. dissertation. Personalize learning based on individual strengths and areas for development are utilized throughout the program.

The course objective is to make each individual aware of the complete keys needed to be an effective business leader. Each chapter builds on the prior chapter’s content and allows for challenging questions that each individual will answer and contribute to small and large group discussions. The course has business applications for each individual. Learning occurs through individual exercises, group exercises, handouts, team sessions video-taping feedback sessions from the facilitator and by groups. This seminar will make each attendee aware of his/her social skills especially listening and interactions.

The seminar is 25 percent lecture, 50 percent group discussions and 25 percent individual contributions. The three days will test his/her beliefs about Business Leadership Principles. Each person will gain new concepts, insights, system & conceptual thinking, and review dozens of business models. Pre-work for this seminar will take between ten to fifteen hours so that classroom time is utilized
for class discussion and personal development.

After attending this seminar each attendee will have gained in-depth information
on the listed thirteen key topics. Each attendee will learn how to use his/her leadership styles beyond just structure. Be able to structure a team as part of large-scale change initiatives.

1. Introduction to Executive Leadership Principles
2. Vision
3. Coaching
4. Development of the Executives Human Resource Pool
5. Motivation
6. Delegation and Empowerment
7. Leadership Skills with Personal Organization
8. Problem Solving
9. Team Building
10. Life-Long Learning
11. Goal Setting
12. Results Driven Leadership concepts
13. Personal Standards using Integrity


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Dr. Forrest Patin

Cell: 925-699-7300