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Coaching Series

Coaching For Your Company's Success

"Coaching for Your Company's Success" is a two-day program, designed primarily for people who have interactions with distributors, retailers and internal and external workforce personnel. Attendees will learn how to use coaching skills for problem solving and improving performance. All attendees will engage in coaching sessions using examples from their real world jobs and use coaching skills to solve these problems.

Many experienced people love to give the answer to the problem to show how skilled they are at problem solving. However, the person with the problem needs to be supported in their concern. By using coaching techniques the client [customer] gets involved in the Solving Problem process and has a much stronger buy-in to the solution. This process is taught in Day One. Day Two is spent on Improving Performance and the issues of confronting/presenting, defusing resistance, developing information, agreeing on problems and causes. The final part of the day is spent on ownership of the problem, next steps, building a positive relationship and commitment for the task at hand. The issue of giving and getting constructive criticism is also discussed.

1. To clearly understand the steps that make up the Coaching Process One:
Solving Problems model with emphasis on building trust, clearly stating
expectations and making the customer or client feel comfortable during the
entire session.

2. To develop information on the solving problem model by learning how to gain
insight and information on each problem or situation.

3. To get each solving problem session into the resolving stage by learning the
closure step, to forward the action, build positive relationships and to gain
commitment for the action agreed to by both parties.

4. To have all attendees participate in exercises that have them coaching, in four
different styles during the two-day class.

5. To get all participants to give and get feedback on business or performance
topics and learn the skills to make this session most effective.

This seminar is very much participant, rather than instructor, centered. Each person will engage in no less than six different opportunities to coach. In this way, the individual will see different styles and listen to observers on his/her personal style. Since feedback is very important on how each person coaches, the course allows for immediate feedback after each coaching session. Feedback is also provided by the instructor during each session and after, whenever appropriate.

1. Learn about the Two Processes of Coaching
2. Discuss Review Your Observation Log
3. What is coaching?
4. Activity: Key Results Exercise
5. When and Where Do We Use Coaching and for What?
6. Retention Tables
7. Ways to Raise Awareness
8. Characteristics of Masterful Coaching
9. Review of the Coaching Model
10. Four Functions of Coaching
11. The Manager as a Coach
12. Control Model of Management
13. Commitment Model of Management
14. Four Pillars for Commitment
15. The Criteria for Successful Coaching
16. Eight Objective Reference Points for Good Coaching
17. Critique of Video Model
18. The Complete Model for Solving Problems
19. Questions Exercise on How to Develop Skill Practice, Open and Closed
Ended Probing & Reflecting Responses
20. Coaching and Goal Setting
21. Confronting versus Criticizing
22. Improving Performance Model 2
23. Six Steps to Giving Constructive Criticism
24. Giving Feedback Without Getting Resentment
25. Five Levels of Feedback
26. Masterful Coaching—Feedback Guideline

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Dr. Forrest Patin

Cell: 925-699-7300